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Affairs In The Workplace

Affairs in the workplace

Yes! They are common… more so than we know or want to realize! According to all the latest statistics, the workplace has become the #1 place for married people who engage in infidelity to meet the other person.

As women make advances everywhere in society, the old cliché about the boss and the young secretary carrying on an affair has been overshadowed by an increase in the number of men and women who work together as equals becoming romantically involved. The old separation of the sexes has passed and old boundaries to interaction have been replaced by no boundaries. Hearing about the “guys from work” or the “girls at the office” has transformed to the “gang at work”.

As we all know, people begin to get to know one another well when working together. The co-ed workplace offers lots of interaction, team work, travel, projects and longer working hours, all of which lead to members of the opposite sex, who share many common attributes, growing close. Let’s face it; they share the same boss, same work stresses, same lunch hour, etc.

The unavoidable closeness, commonalities in life and the amount of time together can lead to friendship. They end up spending a great deal of time, on occasion, more time than they spend at home, with this new “friend” so the friendship can become very deep. These friendships can quickly lead to strong emotional attachments. Strong emotional attachments with the opposite sex can often lead to romance and workplace affairs. The most noticeable theme is that they work together, grow to understand one another and “relate” better to this co-worker than they do to their spouse. At home they hear about bills, problems, chores, etc. The co-worker friend offers someone to talk to, someone who empathizes with them and does not bring any of the stress that home often has, making them all the more attractive.

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