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Track and Trace

Track and Trace


Are you being harassed by a person you don’t know ?
Does someone owe you money but is unreachable ?
Do you want to know who the owner of the number is who phones your spouse ?
Do you want to know who you are really dealing with in Online Dating ?


Cheaters Investigations specialises in the tracing and tracking of persons of interest to you.
We use various different tracing methods that have proven to deliver the best results and a 99.5% success rate.

We normally initiate traces from:
1.) Cell phone Numbers
2.) Landline Numbers
3.) Address / Property Owned
4.) Member or Director Interests in a Company

We can also trace from:
1.) Name, Surname & ID Number
2.) Name, Surname & Date of Birth

Tracing can be a simple process with a quick accurate result or it could lead to further tracing processes and even a physical identification of the person at a place of residence or employment.

Background Checks

A further in-depth process that Cheaters Investigations also specialise in is background intelligence gathering.

This process is especially useful to find out more about a person for:

  • legal action (suing the third party for the breakup of your marriage)
  • pre employment
  • hidden personal information of a current employee (behaviour change in the office environment)
  • new business partner
  • investing in a new business with member
  • pursuing a new relationship with a person

Background checks empower you to make important decisions based on facts.
This information can help you make a conclusive decision and avoid risks and uncertainties that could be very costly and painful later.


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Confidentiality Guaranteed

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