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Confidentiality Guaranteed!

Confidentiality Guaranteed!


Cheaters Investigator Services

Let us help you catch a cheating spouse and much more!

We at Cheaters South Africa endeavour to constantly provide the most up to date and vigilant information network to all our clients in order to ensure complete peace of mind. Matters relating to information that could improve your bottom line can be discussed on request. All our highly trained investigators are dedicated to deliver the best private investigation service.

Cheaters private investigation services offer you the following services:

  • 3rd Party Identification, Information Gathering and Profiling

  • Asset Searches

  • Background Investigations, Checks and Screening

  • Business and Credit Reports

  • Cheating Partner

  • Cheating Spouse - Matrimonial Matters

  • Child Custody

  • Child Molesting, Abuse

  • Child Neglect Investigations

  • Civil Claims

  • Copyright Investigations

  • Corporate Fraud, Theft & Espionage

  • Corporate Intelligence elligence practitioners

  • Corporate Investigations

  • Covert Camera Installations

  • Criminal Investigations

  • Debugging and Sweeping

  • DNA Forensic Testing

  • Document Examinations

  • Drug & Stimulant Abuse

  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Investigations

  • Electronic Monitoring Apparatus

  • Electronic Surveillance

  • Employee Monitoring

  • Forensic & Ballistic Analysis

  • Forensic & Ballistic Analysis (Fingerprint, Handwriting)

  • Forensic Intelligence Gathering and Investigations (All types)

  • Fraud Investigation

  • Handwriting Analysis

  • Harassment / Stalking Investigation

  • In house Legal Advisory Division

  • Insurance Fraud incl. Third Party Claim Verifications

  • Life Style Audits

  • Maintenance investigations

  • Maintenance Matters

  • Marital / Divorce

  • Missing Persons

  • Motor Accidents

  • Murder Cases

  • Paternity Testing

  • Polygraph Tests and Examinations

  • Pre-Employment Screening

  • V.I.P. Protection and Body Guards

  • V.I.P. Protections

  • Voice Stress Testing


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Confidentiality Guaranteed

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