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How we can help you

How Cheaters can help you

Here's how we can help you to "Uncover the Truth"!

Unfortunately, once someone suspects infidelity their intuition is 87% of the time, correct. Call it “intuitive knowing” or a “6th sense” it should be trusted and acted upon.

What is TRUTH to you and your partner?

The perception of Truth can sometimes differ from person to person….as we have experienced through many years of providing these services…. To one person it could mean telling the truth or an extorted version of the truth or to another it can mean saying words that feel truthful but their actions prove betrayal…

To us, the word TRUTH, is the fundamental foundation of our business….it is the big 5 letter word that drives us to stand in service of you and to deliver indisputable evidence.

Why do you want to know the truth?

You deserve to know if your partner is cheating and Cheaters Investigations can help you get the evidence and closure on this issue that influences your life.

Truth knows no boundaries….it flows into all sectors of one’s life, business and relationships…Thus it does not matter where you are in South Africa, as our integrated network of reputed Franchise Branches stand ready to assist you with an investigation which is discreetly, confidentially and accurately executed.

Investigation – WHY ?

“Empowerment & closure” is some of the most effective tools to move forward and the most important service Cheaters Investigations can offer.

What if you knew that you are 95% more likely to win a favourable legal settlement if you have the intelligence & proof in your hands ready for the battle…

Knowing the truth as obtained on your behalf by Cheaters Investigations can be used for your personal closure or for pursuing your legal goals in a court of law. It is our services that will empower you, give you more leverage based on facts and allow you to face the reality and its consequences.

Our evidence is admissible in South African courts.

Uncover the truth

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Confidentiality Guaranteed

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