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Cheating in Cyberspace

Cyber Cheating

Internet communication is as common as Coca Cola. We use computers and the internet for work, play, shopping and research. Even as you read this to hire a private investigator, the same is true for cheaters. They send e-mails to the “other” person, look at websites about sexual performance, weight loss, infidelity, how not to get caught, etc. etc. In a growing number of cases, people are meeting and developing relationships online. They are in chat rooms having online conversations, posting messages to discussion bulletin boards and visiting web sites to meet people. Frequently these relationships grow from a cyber-affair into a real world relationship. These can grow into regular e-mailing and instant messaging about how they feel about one another and what they are up to. The computer can be a treasure chest of information that can help you to uncover some intimate secrets of betrayal by a cheating partner or spouse.

Cheating with an Online Partner
Have you met or are you in a relationship with someone that you met online?
Do you foresee a future between the two of you? Do you have promises of a brilliant future with someone who enjoys the same interests as you and do you spend hours online working on a virtual relationship that is “hanging on the threads” of uncertainty?

Cheaters Investigations have done thousands of background checks, information gathering and verifications on online suitors. Our philosophy is that no matter the result; good or bad, the search is of utmost value. Of course, you hope to find that your friend is every bit the person of moral character that they say they are, but the harsh reality is that a vast number of them are not. Unfortunately, many of our targets have been found married, incarcerated, the opposite gender of what they reported, a criminal offender or they simply do not exist at all.

Your emotional and financial future depends on the person you  share a relationship with – Take the next step to get evidence and make informed choices.

Cheating with same sex persons / gay or lesbian relationships
We chose to bring some discussion on this subject on our website because we receive many calls from spouses/partners all over the country who are suffering with the uncertainty of feeling emotionally and sexually disconnected from their spouse, who may be gay.

We do not judge or discriminate against any sexual preferences and stand in service of this community as well. We believe in free choice and respect every person’s decisions -  we are “truth experts” -  uncovering the truth, no matter what the sex of the cheating partner.

In light of our view, this section is dedicated to offering you some comfort in knowing that many of our clients have experienced uncertainty in their spouse's sexuality and, to offer some recommendations as far as reaching some sort of resolution. Our clients with similar concerns have not only survived the truth, they prospered and went on to have very gratifying, tender and compassionate relationships with their gay spouse, especially when children were involved.

International statistics tell us:

According to the Family Pride Coalition, 20 percent of all gay men in America are in heterosexual marriages, and 50 percent of all gay men in America have fathered children.

Let’s consider the gay spouse for a moment. What makes them stay? What makes them lie? What makes them hide in the closet?

The short answer is their undying devotion to you, your children, his parents, his job and his entire lifestyle. Studies and research shows that some men really have no concept of their homosexuality until later in life. Some men have inklings but are confused as to what they mean or how much attention they should give these feelings. Can you imagine the immense anguish felt by the gay spouse knowing that the person to whom they pledged to care for, protect, and partner with for the rest of their lives will be shattered if this secret is discovered?

The gay spouse believes they will lose everything, most of all your love, respect, affections, and admiration from their children, the pride felt from their parents, lifelong friendships, and status in their careers. Only once Cheaters Investigations has supplied concrete evidence can you (if you choose) make use of a good counsellor or an alternative way forward.

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