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De-Bugging and Sweeping

De-Bugging and sweeping

Modern listening devices (bugs) and covert video recorders are tiny, powerful and easy to hide and are used for electronic eavesdropping. Any conversation or action taking place can then easily be recorded with surveillance equipment.

We are able to install wiretaps, mobile and landline listening devices as well as hidden video camera and recording equipment.

All de-bugging, eavesdropping and discreet filming operations are carried out with the client’s full knowledge and in accordance with South African Legislative requirements, including Act 127 of 1992, the Interception and Monitoring Prohibition Act.

    1. A. Eavesdropping Detection in open office areas which may include Corporate Space, Offices and Boardrooms or in your private residence.
    1. B. Eavesdropping Detection on Telephone Lines i.e. Private Lines, Fax Lines, Extension or Incoming Lines and distribution facilities also known as PABX or other Internal Call Distribution Facilitators.

1.) Eavesdropping operations generally have three principal elements:

  • Pickup Device:

A microphone, video camera or other device picks up sound or video images and converts them to electrical impulses. The devices can be installed so that it uses electrical power already available in the target room, this eliminates the need for periodic access to the room to replace batteries. Some listening devices can store information digitally and transmit it to a listening post at a predetermined time. Tiny microphones may be coupled with miniature amplifiers that filter out background noise.

  • Transmission Link:

The electrical impulses created by the pickup device must somehow be transmitted to a listening post. This may be done by a radio frequency transmission or by wire. Available wires might include the active telephone line, unused telephone or electrical wire, or ungrounded electrical conduits. Transmitters may be linked to an existing power source or be battery operated. The transmitter may operate continuously or, in more sophisticated operations, be remotely activated.

  • Listening Post:

This is a secure area where the signals can be monitored, recorded, or retransmitted to another area for processing. The listening post may be as close as the next room or as far as several blocks. Voice-activated equipment is available to record only when activity is present. Most recorders can record up to 12 to 24 hours of conversation between tape changes.

2.) Equipment we use:

We use OSCOR 500E, CPM 700 and SCANLOCK Scanner that covertly integrates all major categories of electronic surveillance devices. This is utilized to ensure prompt and efficient detection and is the same equivalent as used by National Intelligence.

Equipment value is R 850 000.00.

3.) Technique we use:

A Technical Security Countermeasures (TSCM) survey, also known as a "sweep," is done by qualified, experienced consultants specializing in the field of detection. They can detect the presence of technical surveillance devices and hazards as well as identify technical security weaknesses that could facilitate a technical penetration of the facility.

It consists of several parts:

  • An electronic search of the radio frequency (RF) spectrum to detect any unauthorized emanations from the area being examined.

  • An electronically enhanced search of walls, ceilings, floors, furnishings, and accessories to look for clandestine microphones, recorders, or transmitters, both active and quiescent.

  • A physical examination of interior and exterior areas such as the space above false ceilings and heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and ventilation systems to search for physical evidence of eavesdropping.

  • The physical search also includes tracing any audio and video devices including other hardwire, recording and/or re-routed devices.

  • Identification of physical security weaknesses that could be exploited by an eavesdropper to gain access to place technical surveillance equipment in the target area.

It is of vital importance that the keys to all required offices, PABX and lockable cupboards are available at the time of inspection. It will be required that a senior person be present throughout the sweeping process.

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