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Cheaters Investigations is a South African, privately owned investigations company with 23 years of experience in delivering the truth to persons, companies and institutions because truth=freedom.

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Cheaters private investigation services strives to provide and maintain the highest standards towards our clients’ needs for information and protection.



Cheaters South Africa operates nationwide to supply a National Infrastructure of investigative services in all regions of South Africa and abroad.



We strive to take whatever information you have and apply it to find the maximum information or evidence you need. Strict confidentiality is guaranteed.

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Cheating Spouse/Partner

It is well known that both sexes are guilty of infidelity and that the blame for broken relationships is not the fault of a specific gender. However...

Workplace Affairs

According to all the latest statistics, the workplace has become the number one meeting place for married people who engage in infidelity.

Travel Affairs

At Cheaters Investigations a ¼ of our cases is about spouses that plan trips away from the familiarity of their home to cheat on their partners.

Internet Affairs

Internet communication is vital to all of us today. We use computers and the internet for work, play, shopping and research. So do cheaters.

Keeping An Eye Out

Cheaters Investigators have the ability to watch your spouse or employee and monitor any third party interaction discreetly and professionally.

Signs Of A Cheater

Statistics say that 87% of women and 54% of men who feel their lovers are cheating is right. Here are the tell tale signs of a cheater...

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